Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

WAYANG ≠ SHADOW PLAY : Pandangan Baru Tentang Definisi Wayang


Wayang was definited as shadow or shadow play in which i though that it was understood as striking a shadow at the “kelir”. This meaning to emerge an interpretations and dalangs have freedom of creations.

Dalang’s creativities and wayang experiment which appear on a very large scale are a fact. Wayang performance merge same branch of the arts, so we can’t to classification of this performance. Any dalangs realize of wayang. Wayang as symbolic art is not visible.

In the other side, that creations to turn up opposite of considers in dalang selves. Each presented his own idea. This phenomenon is an indicator that the meaning of wayang isn’t understood for certain.

This reality urged me which to study: What is Wayang?

This article to explain the meaning of wayang from the phenomenology point of view.

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